I wish I could give you a date when Decatur Table Tennis will start up again. At this time, discussions are still ongoing with the city and Active Living, in particular. Needless to say, I will keep you informed.

Having not hit a ball in months, it was great getting to play today on the OUTDOOR table in Glenlake Park. I got to play with Terry Brophy and that 9 foot long concrete table ensured we were “socially distant.” (See attached photo.)

Terry Brophy vs. Charlie Slater at Glenlake Park’s outdoor table

If any on you are willing to drive out to Covington, Korky Greco is looking for someone to hit with. He prefers someone with a 1300 rating or higher. For all the details, contact Korky at 770.846.0801 or raygreco@bellsouth.net.

See you at the tables!

– Charlie Slater

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