On July 16, the Georgia Games were held at Lucky Shoals Park. I am pleased to report that the Decatur team won Bronze! See the attached picture below. Well done, gentlemen.

In early October I plan to once again participate in the Huntsman World Senior Games, held each year in St. George, Utah. In this case “senior” means 50+. To learn more about this great event, click HERE. Also, feel free to reach out to me to get more info.

One final thing…I was recently in NYC and went to play table tennis with my family. We went to a place called PingPod. It was just one table in a storefront–nice equipment, etc. That one hour cost $50!!! I’d say we have a pretty good thing going in Decatur…play for 3 hours or more for $2 (FREE if you’re a Decatur City resident).

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